I REBLOG SPOIL with "snk spoiler" as tag.

Hi guys. :3 I'm Dodie, french, a girl, INFP/J type 2w1, procrastinator, geek, otaku, yuriste and queer. Sorry for my bad english. Have fun ! ♥

My Stuffs


  • I mainly reblog : Fluffy animals, Stupid posts, SNK and Yumikuri. I ship litteraly everybody with everyone in snk but my biggest OTP is Yumikuri. :3
  • I also reblog :

-  Animes/Manga : Puella Magi Madoka Magica, K-on, Hunter x Hunter, Hyakko, Yuru Yuri, Soul Eater, Free…

-  Games :  Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Animal crossing, Tomb raider…

-  Series TV : Walking dead, Orange is the new black, Sherlock, Breaking bad…

-  Animations : Frozen, My Little Pony, Adventure time…

  •  Facts about me :

- My name is Elodie but call me Dodie.

- I live in france.

- 20 years old since 26th may. What the hell I’m an adult.

- I have a shitty sense of humour but I like it huehueuhue.

- 50% cambodgian and 50% chinese.

- I’m agender (don’t consider myself as a boy or a girl) and homoromantic ; which mean I’m attracted to women and - muscular - men but only fall in love with girls).

- I’m a fucking geek and otaku who is very emotionally attached in fictionnal characters asdfghgjk.

- I love drawing but I rarely show it. 

- I’m a big fan of “Man with a mission” and “Fudanjuku”. ♥(´∀`)

- I also like a lot “Against me”.

- Don’t mind talking to me I like to meet new peoples, But I have social phobia so I’ll never talking to you first my heart wouldn’t handle it.

- If you thinks your blog could interest me send me a message if you want me to check it. I’ll look at it and maybe follow. o(≧▽≦)o

  • Others Yuri OTPs : Torako/Touma (Hyakko), Ritsu/Mio (K-on), Konata/Kagami (Lucky star), Saten/Uiharu (To aru kagaku no railgun), Miu/Chika (Ichigo mashimaro), Sonya/Yasuna (Kill me baby), Canaan/Maria (Canaan), Nano/Hakase and Yuko/Mai (Nichijou), Lara/Sam (Tom raider), Marceline/Bubble gum (Adventure time), Twilight/AppleJack, Fluffle Puff/Queen Chrysalis (MLP).
  • Yaoi OTPs : Gon/Kirua, Kurapika/Leorio (Hunter x Hunter), Haru/Rin (Free), Sherlock/Watson (Sherlock).
  • Brotp : Walter+Jesse (Breaking bad), Maleficent +Aurora (Maleficent), Eren+Mikasa+Armin, Annie+Bert+Reiner (SNK),
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